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A request

As regular readers of this blog probably have noticed, Eirenikon has hit a bit of a brick wall.  Without going into too many details, I will say that there have been some serious changes to my state in life which make it very difficult for me to devote to Eirenikon the kind of attention it needs in order for it to stay afloat.

In the past, I have asked a couple of regular commenters (known for both their erudition and irenic online demeanor) if they might be willing to become regular Eirenikon contributors or associate editors.  Such individuals would have complete access “under the hood”, as it were, and be able to post daily news items, contribute original articles (something I have never really been very adept at), and moderate combox discussions.

None of the good people I have asked so far felt as if they could or should serve in this capacity.  Which is perfectly fine and understandable, since I know the kind of time and energy it takes to make an interesting blog.

Nonetheless, I thought I might put the idea out there as a possibility for revitalizing Eirenikon.  I would be curious to hear all of your opinions about this idea.

I wish you all a happy and holy Lenten Fast!

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Apologies, dear friends …

… for the inactivity of Eirenikon! There has been no shortage of important news and other items relating to the unity of the Church; but unfortunately, I have been almost completely preoccupied with various other projects.

I have also given some thought, during the hiatus, to the future of this blog.  I started blogging on the topic of Orthodox-Catholic dialogue a little over four years ago, in January of 2007, beginning with this blog’s predecessor, Cathedra Unitatis. If I may display my heart on my sleeve for just a moment (something for which I was greatly criticized in the CU days), I feel as if I’ve grown a great deal – both intellectually and spiritually – over the past 4 years. At the same time, many of the same questions, concerns, and struggles I began with with are still very much with me.

Well, enough about me for the time being; regular posting will resume soon.  Thank you for your patience and continued readership.  Please feel free to submit interesting items (links, news stories, even original essays) to me via e-mail: eirenikonblog (at) me (dot) com.

A blessed Hypapante/Candlemass to all!

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A request

During those halcyon days of the original Pontifications blog (RIP), Fr Al Kimel posted a fascinating text by Louis Bouyer, arguing (if I recall correctly) that the division between the Orthodox and Catholic Churches doesn’t correspond to any classic theological definition of schism.

I believe it was an excerpt from Bouyer’s The Church of God.  I could track down a copy of the book, of course, but I was hoping a kind reader of the blog could send me the text electronically.

And I would be ecstatic if someone has the Pontifications responses to the article, by Dr Bill Tighe, Fr Stephen Freeman, and James Likoudis.  I would be absolutely over the moon if someone, somewhere, has the related combox discussions.

UPDATE: Found the Bouyer text and original combox via archive.org; looking for the responses.

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Folks, at the moment I’m the world’s worst blogger! I’ve been preoccupied with work, side projects, and on top of that, a close relative has been very sick and in the hospital. You should see some new posts today, God willing.

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Advent Hiatus

Dear friends, I’m closing down the blog until sometime after Christmas. There will be no new posts until then, and all comments will be held in moderation until then.

Have a wonderful remainder of the Nativity Fast, or Advent Season, and a glorious Feast of the Nativity of Our Lord, God, and Saviour Jesus Christ!

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If you find yourself under comment moderation, it’s because you’ve violated my comment policy.*

If, after being under moderation for a time, you find yourself completely banned from commenting, it’s because you’ve continued to violate my comment policy, even after a generous probation period.

If you’d like to know exactly why you’ve been put under moderation, or banned, you can e-mail me privately at eirenikonblog (at) me (dot) com.

* If you’ve posted more than five links (until now, the default has been two links), you’ll get caught in the spam filter.

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It’s been awhile …

… since I last updated my blogroll. Any interesting blogs I should be linking to?

[Update: It seems that my blogroll’s disappeared somehow. Hmm.]

[Update: Ah, it’s back!]

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