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I don’t intend to start a combox debate on the topic of the Procession of the Holy Spirit, but I couldn’t resist posting this funny story from Fox News’s coverage of the Papal visit to the UK:

It’s not every day you see Latin on a placard protesting the Pope. When the anti-papal crowd of several thousand atheists, radical feminists and gay activists gathered in London this weekend, most of the banners were pretty simple: stuff like “Nope to the Pope” and “Papa Don’t Preach.”

But later in the afternoon, on the edges of the papal motorcade, and amidst a number of cheering fans of Benedict, there was a poster raised demanding, “DROP THE FILIOQUE.”

What? You have to know a little bit of Latin, and a lot of theology and history to get that one.

It wasn’t really a poster; it more like Magic Marker theology on a pizza box. And a young man named Toby Guise was happy to explain where, in his opinion, the Catholic Church had gone wrong.

“Filioque” means “And the Son,” and refers to a centuries-old debate between the Catholic and Orthodox Churches, about whether the Holy Spirit proceeds from the Father alone, as the Orthodox believe, or from the Father and the Son, which is the Catholic teaching.

That’s tough stuff, material for smart folks debating in a graduate school seminar. Perhaps it’s too bad the Pope didn’t see the pizza box; he would have been amused.

And in his former career as a professor and not a pontiff, he probably would have liked to talk to the young man holding it up.

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Quote of the day

… [T]hankfully, pig-headed foolishness is not a Church-dividing issue.

– Father Paul

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A little Marian levity

Yes, I’m still technically on retreat from blogging, but I just had to post a link to this post from Fr Hunwicke’s Liturgical Notes. No offence is meant to anyone, of course: just a bit of fun for today’s solemnity of the Assumption/Dormition.

Thanks to Dr Tighe for the link.

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More fun with search terms

Search engines lead folks to this blog in all sorts of interesting ways. Here’s a sampling of search terms for the past week:

  • “st. faustina” “universal salvation”
  • spe salvi protestants
  • cabasilas byzantine
  • orthodox catholic intercommunion
  • gennadios scholarios
  • chalcedon canon 28
  • khomiakov, conciliarity
  • melkite purgatory
  • corneanu catholic
  • vassula
  • “christoph schönborn” palamas
  • louisville liturgical abuse
  • timisoara anglican
  • lamentation latin liturgy
  • ontological change
  • eastern orthodox original sin
  • divine prayers and services
  • clearness in our cooperation
  • antioch orthodox bishop intercommunion
  • nazi saucers orthodox
  • bishop hilarion of vienna apokatastasis
  • orthodoxy large castle patrick reardon

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Fun with search terms

Search engines lead folks to this blog in all sorts of interesting ways. Here’s a sampling of search terms for the past week:

  • “not with us” “against us” -bush
  • orthodox david bentley hart
  • hilarion russian orthodox ecumenism
  • orthodox priests crypto catholics
  • orthodoxy large castle patrick reardon
  • fathers of the church ecclesiology
  • patriarch gregorios iii
  • new catechumen whips lax parish
  • quotes on the normans invasion
  • vatican and new marian dogma
  • christianity god jesus body unity head
  • orthodox purgatory “spe salvi”
  • giza death star
  • hilarion vassula
  • thomistic ecclesiology
  • blagoslovi vladyko
  • catholics and orthodox reunion in 2008
  • nazi saucers
  • what is orthodox

Yes, this blog is a weird and wonderful world! :-)

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“It’s funny because it’s true!”Homer Simpson

I’m sure our Roman Catholic brethren have similar experiences of over-enthusiastic converts …

(Via Byzantine Texas)

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